Changelog for NodePing API


Added the new diagnostics endpoint and functionality - Diagnostics documentation


Added the new AGENT check functionality - AGENT documentation


Added the maintenance endpoint and functionality - maintenance documentation


Added the 'regex' element to HTTP Content and HTTP Advanced checks.

  • regex - optional boolean/string to set whether the 'contentstring' element is a regular expression or just a string to be matched. Can be "true"/true/1 or "false"/false/0.


Added the 'verify' element to DNS checks.

  • verify - optional boolean/string to set whether or not to verify DNSSEC (DNS check type only). Can be "true"/true/1 or "false"/false/0.

Added new Spec10 checks (SPEC10DNS and SPEC10RDDS) and their fields.


Added a new supported DNS record type, SRV, to the existing 'dnstype' element:

  • dnstype - optional string for DNS checks to indicate the type of DNS entry to query - String set to one of: 'ANY', 'A', 'AAAA', 'CNAME', 'MX, 'NS, 'PTR', 'SOA', 'SRV', 'TXT'.


Added a new optional element for the pushover contact method to support priorities:


Added two new optional elements for the AUDIO check to support the new volume detection feature:

  • verifyvolume - optional boolean to enable the volume detection feature - AUDIO check only.
  • volumemin - optional integer (acceptable range -90 to 0) used by the volume detection feature - AUDIO check only.

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